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Coolruss’ non destructive digging service makes operations easier and more importantly safer to expose existing underground assets such as telecommunications cables, water pipes, gas pipes etc.

There are many advantages to non destructive excavation:

safety in locating services, potholing and pit cleaning
Minimal surface disruption reduced reinstatement costs, pollution and noise
More time and cost effective than traditional methods of jackhammering and drilling
Minimal disruption to the public (traffic and pedestrians)
Dramatically reduced clean up costs as excess material goes directly into the tank in hand with this it considerably reduces the impact on the environment as there aren’t materials left on site which can have the potential to end up in storm water systems.
Excavating existing services to prove exact location for survey or installation of new service.
Valve and hydrant maintenance
Difficult access excavation for up to 20 meters
Excavates to in excess of 6 meters

Non destructive excavation uses pressurised water to loosen soil, while vacuuming all excess water and soil into the tank. This process makes potholing, pit cleaning, non destructive trenching etc. effective and efficient and leaves underground infrastructure in tact and clearly exposed.

A disadvantage associated with non destructive excavation is excess slurry. This occurs when water is used during the process and although it is confined in the Vacuum tank it is a problem to expose of however Coolruss through innovative thinking have come up with a concept to extract 90% of the water from the slurry. This concept which has been put into action makes the excess slurry minimal as well as being better for the environment.

The recycled water is of sufficient quality to put back into the system and can be used on the next excavation. This in turn reduces the water consumption by more than 50% and is a substantial saving of water.