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Coolruss has an extensive fleet of plant and equipment that can be hired for any successfully tendered projects. The majority of plant and equipment is hired with our fully trained, licensed and experienced operators however we can also supply plant hire without an operator.

Our fleet has the capacity to handle mass excavation of rock for foundations, footings, trenching as well as landscape reclamation.

The maintenance of company plant and equipment is of paramount importance. This is achieved by regular services by highly qualified, experienced mechanics.

We at Coolruss continually develop our services to meet the demands of the ever changing and increasingly complex construction industry.

Excavators & Attachments vaccum tanks truck hire
Excavators & Attachments

Our excavators range from 3.5ton to 35ton and have a number of attachments such as hammers, augers, twin headers, compactors as well as various types of buckets.

Vacuum Tanks

We have vacuum tanks which enable us to provide non destructive excavation. There are many advantages to Vacuum tanks, for more information on the advantages of this service please see the non destructive excavation section.


We have a number of trucks which enable us to float our own machinery as well as having dumper trucks tippers etc. We can also provide trailers with truck hire.

bobcats and loaders for plant hire
water carts for hire
dumper hire trucks for construction sites
Bobcats & Loaders

We also have many other pieces of equipment for plant hire such as Bobcats, Loaders, Compactors etc.

Water Carts

Water Carts immensely suppress dust from leaving worksites and spreading into public areas as well as helping with restoration of grass areas.


Dumpers can be used to transport large loads effectively around sites which make bulk excavation a lot more efficient and as dump trucks have the ability to drive through swamp like conditions they are a safer alternative to trucks. We have dumpers ranging from 6ton to 30ton.