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At Coolruss PTY LTD the sustainability of the environment is of utmost importance in all aspects of our business.

We make a conscious commitment to minimise the impact we have on the environment through our processes and procedures.

On all projects a comprehensive environmental risk assessment is completed before we commence work. This helps us identify potential risks and have the ability to plan the most environmentally responsible course of action.

In conjunction to this we have environmental action plans in place for each of our projects which must be adhered to on day to day basis while on site. This helps ensure that the whole team at Coolruss is 100% aware of the environmental impact construction can have and best process' to minimise through many factors such as waste minimisation and pollution control.

The Coolruss team regularly part take in training to constantly improve the understanding of environmental issues.

All of this is evident in Coolruss' Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Coolruss Pty Ltd is committed to environmental protection, and will manage its business so that all operational activities prevent any adverse effects on the environment.

Coolruss Pty Ltd is committed to:

Minimising the environmental impact of our  operations
Minimising the risk of accidental releases into the  environment, reduce the impact of such releases should they occur, and monitor  the discharge of all other wastes and emissions which may harm the  environment.
Encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling in all our  activities
Purchasing products that are environmentally friendly from  suppliers who respect the environment
Ensuring our employees, subcontractors and suppliers adhere  to our environmental policies
Ensuring also to protect the health and safety of our  employees, contractors, customers and the community in which we operate, and  in compliance with all relevant legislation and applicable requirements.
Participating with governments, customers, the public and  other interest groups to advance environmental protection
Reporting regularly to our directors, shareholders, employees  and the public on our environmental status and performance
All employees and subcontractors will be expected to adhere to the relevant environmental requirements and they are also encouraged to report any breaches to management so that action can be taken.
All employees will be educated, trained and inducted, where considered necessary, in environmental issues during the course of their employment.