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Client - Project



Watermain Extension,
Kellogg Rd, Rooty Hill


Install 305 metres of DN200 incoming watermain
Case #123710PW

Rooty Hill


Install approx. 330 metres of DN750 RC pipe
Case #123710WW

Leighton Contractors
Watermain ,
I.C.L Enfield, Cosgrove Rd


Install approx. 80metres PVC DN150 pipe
Case #117116PW

Leighton Contractors
Firemain, I.C.L Enfield

2012 2013

Install approx. 2208 metres of DN150 MPVC as well as stop valves, private hydrants and various bends ranging from 11 degrees to 90 degrees

North Richmond Subdivision,
North Richmond


Install approx. 1150m of DN150 and DN225 UPVC pipe
Case #123853WW

Discharge Chamber,
Warringah Sewage, Brookvale


Installation of 200m of DN800 R.C. pipe & construction of Discharge Chamber
Project #20021322-222

Mosman Culvert,


Installation of 130 metres of concrete coverts

John Holland
South West Rail Link,
Jardine Drive, Edmondson Park


Installation of 200mm DICL for approx. 10 metres and 250mm HDPE for approx. 46 metres and then butt welded – Watermain adjustment
Case #123872 PW

Parramatta Gas Work,
Charles Street, Parramatta


Install DN150 steel gas main jointed by welding

Illawarra Pipe Installation,
Southern Zone Project

2011 We recently completed work for Sewerfix Wet Weather Alliance on the Illawarra Pipe Installation, Southern Zone. The entire project had three zones southern, northern and central. Our zone was divided into six sections. The six sections where Byarong creek (602), Gladstone Ave (604), Union Street (610), Hurt Parade (606), Old Spring Hill Rd (604) and Auburn Street (611). Coolruss carried out work on all six sections to reduce the quantity of wet weather overflows across local sewer system. All six sections involved the construction of new sewer lines, manholes, storage pipes and connecting these new assets to the existing system.
Quakers Hill STP
2011 We have working on various contracts in the Quakers Hill Sewerage Treatment Plant. Some of the projects included installing a new stormwater system, upgrading the pump station capacity, bulk excavation of the Chlorine Contact Tank, excavation of chambers (approx.. 6,000m3) and controlling stockpiles.
Leightons Contractors
Watermain Relocation,
2010 Coolruss recently completed water and sewer relocation projects at various sites on the K2RQ Various sized pipes were used from 750DN to 150DN Watermain, 300DN to 150NN Sewer.

Gosford Council
Building an Acuduct,
Piles Creek, Gosford


Building an Acuduct over pile creek adjacent to pacific highway at Gosford for Gosford Council.
525mm Sewer
100mm Conduit
150mm Watermain, 8 meters

Watermain Extension,
Douglas St, Quakers Hill

2008 406mm SCL, 47 metres
406mm SCL, 35metres Sintakote
DN375mm PVC-O PN12, 6 metres
DN375mm DICL K9, 2086 metres
Treated Effluent Main,
Voysey Close, Schofields
2008 250mm PVCO PN20, 1700 metres
273mm SCL,150 metres
Recycle Watermain Extension, Various Streets, Schofields Blacktown 2008 300mm UPVC 16, 1290 meters
324mm SCL, 18 meters
100mm PVC 16, 2570 meters
Watermain Extension,
Ferrers Rd and Reen Rd, Eastern Creek, Blacktown
2008 450mm DICL K9, 253.3 meters
375mm DICL K9, 94.57 meters
Watermain Adjustments,
Sunnyholt Rd, Blacktown

100mm SCL 5PL, 17 meters
100mm DICL K9, 167 meters
150mm DICL K9, 176 meters
150mm SCL 5PL, 181 meters
200 SCL 5PL,107 meters
375mm SCL 5PL, 89 meters
500mm SCL 5PL, 140 meters